13 Sep 2011

Why Self-Publish?

If you're reading this it's safe to assume you fall into the following three categories:

1. You have an idea for a book, you want to write it but you believe getting published is a one in a million chance. 

2.You have a manuscript ready and waiting to be looked over by an agent - or even better, an editor of a huge publishing house.

3. You're neither of the above and have just stumbled onto this post.

If you're in positions 1 and 2 then this post is for you. Number 3? Read on by all means, but this probably won't have any great meaning to you.

You have already 'worked for yourself' by writing your manuscript - so why should you lose control at the publishing stage? Traditional publishing usually doesn't allow for lots of input from the writer, whereas with self-publishing you have the best of both Worlds: an editor, proofreader and even a full marketing team supporting you at every step but ultimately the decisions are still yours to make.

Whether self-published or published by a traditional publisher, you still have to push the sales of your book. You still have to believe it will sell and you still have to identify who you're telling the story too - in other words, treat your book as a business.

If you had a business, would you want to give complete control over to someone else and reap very little reward in return? This is effectively what happens with traditional publishers. If your goal is to see your book placed into the bookshelves of some of the top-selling book stores, that is still a goal North Highland Publishing can make happen.

Amazon.com is massive and they outsell on Kindle eBooks over hard cover books. And with over 22 million eBook sales as of June, 2010, it would be silly for any author not to have their book or eBook on Amazon.com. 

So, why self-publish? Because the World is changing. Traditional publishing is becoming outdated and a far cry from what it used to be. Authors want to have more control over their books and don't want to work to the limits placed on them by traditional publishers.

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