26 Jul 2011

Tuesday Book Club: Recommendation Week.

Hello and welcome once again to the Tuesday Book Club!

As you'll all know, our book of the month was 'The Land Beyond the Green Fields.' It is available for purchase on Amazon (Kindle and paperback) here.

If you've read this book then we'd like to know your thoughts - to be published here on the blog. Have you recommended it to a friend? Or perhaps it wasn't your cup of tea? Maybe it was the best book you've read all year - either way, we'd love to know what you, the reader, thought!

Leave a comment with your thoughts!

We'll be back again in September with another great book for your hungry eyes to devour ;). Until then, keep filling out the comment box!

19 Jul 2011

Tuesday Book Club: Review Week.

Once again, Tuesday is here and this means that the Book Club has landed onto the blog once more. Read more about it here and here.

This months book is 'The Land Beyond the Green Fields' by Joan Campbell and can be purchased here

If you have read the book we would love to hear your thoughts, recommendations and reviews on the book. 

If you haven't read the book then sit back, relax and enjoy the following preview...

Thomas cannot live with his terrible secret.  As he heads away from all that he knows 
and all that he loves he has the word BETRAYAL engraved upon his every thought.
How could his mother do this to him?  His beliefs force him on to seek a land he is 
assured does not exist this side of death.  That decision sets in motion a series of events that allows evil to encompass what is left behind, allows those whom he loves to be cruelly tested.

His is a learning journey that brings love and hate, despair and joy in equal measure, 
mixed with adventures beyond his imagination, shared by a travelling companion 
whose loyalty is all that matters in this quest.  His troubled mother and his autocratic 
mentor wait at home with the news that will free him from all anxiety, if only he 

Will those who follow in his footsteps find him?  Will he make it back home to a 
heroes welcome, or spring the trap that is set to destroy him?  Read on and find 

12 Jul 2011

Tuesday Book Club: What To Expect.

If you missed out on last week's post here about our great new on-line Book Club. 

Every first Tuesday of the month we will release an eBook as part of our Book Club. It will give you, the reader and lover of books, author interviews, Editor recommendations, a chance to share your views and opinions with other readers - and even writers! 

So join in, be a part of something great that's happening at North Highland Publishing and in your eReader! 

For the month of July we're reading the book, available here, "The Land Beyond the Green Fields." 

The timetable for the Book Club is as follows:

Week One: Introduction. 
We will announce the book here on the blog, provide you with the link to the eBook store and catch up with you next week.

Week Two: Reading Week.
Once you have downloaded the book you should begin reading straight away. Every second week in Book Club will be a 'Reading Week' to prepare you for Week Three.

Week Three: Reading and Reviewing Week.
Time to finish up reading! This week has more of a focus on reviewing that month's book. This doesn't have to be lengthily so long as it relates back to the book. Write as much, or as little, as you like - all reviews are at home here!

Week Four: Recommendation Week.
By this week it is expected that you'll have already put a review forward and completed the book. It is time to give your recommendations! Would you tell a friend about the book? Would you like to see more or less of a character? Or perhaps you couldn't put the book down - we want to know it all!

Good luck - and remember to catch up on this month's Book Club book HERE.

5 Jul 2011

Tuesday Book Club: The Land Beyond the Green Fields.

On the first Tuesday of the month we will run a Book Club and here's what you can expect:

  • One free sample chapter available to you with no obligation.
  • A chance for you to join our exclusive Review Panel; sharing your thoughts and recommendations on the book of the month.
  • A new book to read and review every month.

For this month's Book Club we are going to be reading and later on reviewing 'The Land Beyond the Green Fields' from author, Joan Campbell, who has recently been featured on North Highland Publishing.

For your free sample chapter click here.
To purchase click here now.

Have you ever wondered what cats are thinking? 

In the Land Beyond the Green Fields follow the story of life on a Highland croft through the eyes of the cats who inhabit the draughty croft. A grown up version of your favourite childhood story books Watership Down and Duncton Wood.