8 Sep 2011

Amazon Kindle and North Highland Publishing.

A few weeks ago North Highland Publishing completed a deal with Amazon which will allow for our authors eBooks to be sold on the Amazon Kindle store.

Amazon is outselling on Kindle eBooks as for every 143 Kindle eBooks sold, 100 hard cover books are sold. On top of this is the fact that Kindle has over 725,000 books on their store - and growing. 

All of our authors, on any of our packages, will have their eBooks featured on the Amazon Kindle store for sale - on both US and UK sites. With the rise of Amazon's own eReader, the Kindle, self-publishing has become the natural choice for authors from all walks of life.

To check out our range on the Kindle store, click here.

To find out more on self-publishing with North Highland Publishing, click here.

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