19 Dec 2010

Our Story.

Roy was born in Glasgow where he attended school at Allan Glens, followed by university at Dundee. He has worked for the Scottish Government in its various guises and for a number of private organizations. This has included working in the Education sector and the International Relations unit, and has been responsible for marketing in Scotland, UK, North America and the Nordic countries.
Elizabeth was born in Helensburgh and raised in Clydebank. From a young age she has been involved with creative writing and is now a keen reviewer of current literature.
She has completed a course in Social Care at West Lothian College, as well as holding down a number of roles in the care sector that involved private sector organizations and working with Local Authorities. Elizabeth has also experienced the joys of being self-employed for eight years and knows the challenges that this brings!
They have been married (to each other) for over thirty years.
With a lifelong interest in literature we always felt that we each have a “book” in us. A few years ago we decided to take the plunge and write the books that we had always planned. We then started to look at how we would approach publishers and agents.
We investigated a wide range of options including print on demand, self publishing, submissions direct to publishers and working with agents. All of these offer options. We decided to use the growing marketplace for “eBooks” to allow us to put our work “out there”.
While there are a number of sites that will offer you a self help solution to getting your book available as an eBook we decided that we wanted to offer a more personalized service to give a professional review and finish.
We started the company (North Highland Publishing Ltd Company Number SC371879) to offer this professional service. We bring together a range of publishing professionals from editors, graphic designers, proof readers and other publishing services (such as print on demand) to offer a one stop shop for those looking to develop their writing.
We then take this work and sell it on our eBook store. This is marketed by us and the eBook store is there to allow easy access to the marketplace. We also work with other publishers to offer their works as eBooks.
Our website was launched in December 2010.

 We welcome your views and thoughts on how we can best help you to achieve your goals in writing.

6 Dec 2010

I've Had Better Days.

Have you ever had one of those days where you get out of bed foolishly believing that today, out of the 365 days of the year, you’re going to have a good day?
Yep, me too. And it just so happened that today was that day.
The following things may seem petty, but it really does amaze me how much we rely on our technology.
I woke up at a decent time, so I felt like I could plough straight ahead with the day. I booted up my laptop, all was going well, and suddenly the power cut out. Now my laptop has been having some issues over the past few days with the power cord – basically it is dying a slow, painful death.
I was somehow able to engineer the power cord so that it balanced at a perfect angle so I wouldn’t run out of battery power and I began to work on a guest post I’ve been asked to write for an upcoming blog feature (more on that at a later date.) I then proceeded to copy and paste some interesting details into the document and it crashed. No worries, there’s always the auto-save and restore option. When you rely on your technology you have a throat-closing-over reaction when suddenly it lets you down.
I open a new document. No auto-save. No restore option. It’s gone, gone, gone.
Will someone please buy me a typewriter!
I declared that I was giving up Facebook, (oh yeah, did I mention I’m having issues over there? I didn’t? Well I won’t bore you with details!) unplugging my Broadband and moving to the hills to live a charmed life eating berries and making clothes out of leaves.
But before I turned into Mrs Bear Grylls, I thought about my technological situation ten years ago. You had to rely on encyclopaedia’s instead of Wikipedia, On-line TV programmes through the BBC (or Hulu if you’re Stateside) didn’t exist and YouTube was an insult.
The wealth of knowledge, freedom and enjoyment (e.g US based Netflix and UK based LoveFilm, both postal DVD rental companies, recently launched a video streaming service to customers on their “unlimited” packages) to be made through the technology we have today is incredible – Aunt Betty in New Zealand ten years ago who may have occasionally called on a very crackly line can now view photos of her favourite nieces and nephews instantly – and if we’re sacrificing a little piece of our sanity for the gain it has given us, then it surely has to be far worth it.

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(Image: http://encefalus.com/cognitive/dealing-informational-overflow/)

1 Dec 2010

Welcome to the Blog.

Welcome to our new look blog!

I'm Cara Quinn and I'm the blog co-ordinator for North Highland Publishing.

 I'm delighted to be introducing you to our new blog ; North Highland Publishing: The Blog.

In this blog we'll cover what we, North Highland Publishing, the company offer and what we are doing.

And as an appendage to this, we'll also be discussing other self-publishing related topics.
Some of the topics I will address in future blog posts: the self-publishing market and how to promote your work and what North Highland Publishing has to offer to you as well as looking into who we are and what we do.

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