22 Sep 2012

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.

The recent revelations on Hillsborough sadly reflect the public’s view of what had been long suspected but is now clear; the establishment will cover up and protect its own. If this was an isolated incident we would all be less worried, but when taken with other separate, but related, cases such as Jean Charles de Menezes and the Bloody Sunday case we should all be concerned about how the establishment deals with cover ups.

We should recognize that in a free country eventually the truth will come out. The well known and well used legal maxim that 'justice delayed is justice denied' can be applied in these cover-up cases. And is also the theme in the novel 'The Hangman's Fracture' by David CrigmanWhile dealing with a fictional case of an innocent man being hanged and the battle to take on the establishment. 

Of course we should show support to the forces that we all need in a civilised society, but those who commit crimes (and let’s be clear; much of the cover up is criminal) need to be brought to justice. Ultimately this is the role of the police to serve and protect, even if it to protect the public from their own colleagues.

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