5 Jul 2011

Tuesday Book Club: The Land Beyond the Green Fields.

On the first Tuesday of the month we will run a Book Club and here's what you can expect:

  • One free sample chapter available to you with no obligation.
  • A chance for you to join our exclusive Review Panel; sharing your thoughts and recommendations on the book of the month.
  • A new book to read and review every month.

For this month's Book Club we are going to be reading and later on reviewing 'The Land Beyond the Green Fields' from author, Joan Campbell, who has recently been featured on North Highland Publishing.

For your free sample chapter click here.
To purchase click here now.

Have you ever wondered what cats are thinking? 

In the Land Beyond the Green Fields follow the story of life on a Highland croft through the eyes of the cats who inhabit the draughty croft. A grown up version of your favourite childhood story books Watership Down and Duncton Wood.

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