9 Mar 2014

Dark Days

With the Ukraine still in the grip of political forces that seem intent on creating division our thoughts go to those involved in the crisis. Those people who are trying to live a decent life are exposed to suffering that they could not have expected, nor deserve.

While we contemplate what is to be done, the situation continues to develop with lines becoming firmer and the chance of a simple resolution disappearing like the famous "Scotch Mist".

The power of the written word plays its part in some many ways. It alerts us to the emotion and harsh reality of those involved in the struggle. Not just the political and military leaders but also the people involved in the horror of war and the threat of violence. Through articles we can attempt to understand the emotion and the journey that those involved and those who are forced to be involved are going through.

It struck me that the emotion viewed from a safe, secure Scottish home is so remote but intense that at times it is difficult to comprehend. But comprehend we must. Our responsibility to our fellow beings and to each other is to attempt to understand not just the political actions but the real suffering and motivation of the everyday people involved in conflict around the world.

The book, "Three Dark Day" for me was an emotional journey of some intensity written by a humble Scotsman to try and articulate his experience when faced with the horrors of war. Although from a different era when the eyes of the world were more focussed on South East Asia the lessons and learning is still there for us to see and understand.

We could do well to remember the admonition of Edward Burke when he said,

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

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